Points Rewards

For every purchase a customer makes for wash and detail services, including the coffee bar, points on a one dollar to one point basis are accumulated on the card. As points accumulate on the card, they may be redeemed on a ten to one ratio.

For example, an XP4 wash that costs $25 = 25 points. When a customer builds enough points on his / her card, they may redeem services on a ten to one basis, so when that customer attains 250 points, they could redeem a $25 car wash for free. 1,000 points earns $100 of services, etc. Effectively, this gives loyal customers a long term, 10% discount on future purchases.

Special Dates

Finally, we reward you on special dates. If you tell us your birthday, your anniversary or any other date that’s special, and you come in for a car wash on that day – it’s on us. We’ll give you a complete XP4 wash on that day for free.

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