The Miles Story

We want to extend the amount of time you enjoy your car. No matter how many miles you put on it.

Miles Johnson, Founder

MILES Auto Spa + Express Car wash is an upscale car wash business located in Franklin, Tennessee. We currently have three locations.

The MILES Auto Spa

MILES Auto Spa, the first luxury detailing center and car wash to open in the Middle Tennessee area, launched in 2007 in Cool Springs. Differentiating itself from other car washes by offering a luxurious lobby, flat panel TV’s, a WiFi bar, leather seating and a coffee bar, this car wash was designed to turn the perceived industry experience on its ear.

Our Founders

Miles Johnson, a long time wireless telecom executive left the wireless business in 2005 to become an entrepreneur, and founded MILES Auto Spa in 2006. In 2010, Rocky Crossland, a longtime colleague and friend, also from the wireless business, assumed the role of president of MILES, and has operated the businesses since that time.

Miles Johnson, founder, and Rocky Crossland, President, are long-time colleagues and friends from their days as wireless telecom industry executives.

Expanding for MILES

We've opened three locations - one Express Wash and two Auto Spas. Our Express wash is located on S Royal Oaks Boulevard and offers exterior only washes from its 130' technologically superior wash system. Additionally at this location, we offer over 20 free vacuums for customer use, as well as a basket of free towels and wash chemicals for self-cleaning the interior for all MILES Club members..

Our newest Auto Spa, offering premium car washes, detailing, and restoration, is conveniently located at Hillwood Boulevard in Nashville, Tennessee.

We use environmentally friendly chemicals, we recycle our water, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and we intend to keep growing in the Middle Tennessee area.